JZJ-40 Tablet Rolling Paper Machine

JZJ-40 Tablet Rolling Paper Machine

    Brief introduction: The JZJ-40 Tablet Rolling Paper Machine is a packaging machine that rolls a sheet of paper or aluminum poise paper into a roll of certain amount.

    Features: This machine is completely independent researched, developed and manufactured according to advanced technology. We use parts and electrical components from world famous brand and guarantee all tablet contact parts by using 316 high-quality stainless steel materials which reach to GMP requirement. Our machine is able to manufactured compacted roll paper with beautiful outlooking, meantime saving manpower by stable performance.This equipment is a combination of mechanical, pneumatic and automatic control. It adopts precise indexing mechanism indexing, stepper motor control, photoelectric, proximity switch and PLC centralized control. It has reliable action and stable performance. Automatically stop in condition of no-paper with alarm, and can detect paper and film in rolling process, etc.

    Technical parameters:

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