ZPP-40A Straight-Tube Tablet Filling Machine

ZPP-40A Straight-Tube Tablet Filling Machine

    Brief introduction: ZPP-40 Straight-Tube Filling Machine is suitable for packing of large, thin, single row and ordered superposition of straight tube bottle.

    Features: This machine is completely independent researched, developed and manufactured according to advanced technology. We use high-quality parts and electrical components from world famous brand and guarantee all tablet contact parts by using 316 high-quality stainless steel materials which reach to GMP requirement.It adopts high precise indexing mechanism , speed regulating step motor, photo-electric sensor, proximity switch and PLC centralized control. Automatically stop in condition of no-tablet, no- bottle, no-cover with alarm, and can detect bottle and cover in loading process, etc., to achieve reliable performance by automatic tube loading and glanding.

    Technical parameters:

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